Photonic Nanomaterials & Devices


We are a young experimental research group, interested in improving our understanding and control of the photonic properties of nanostructured materials and devices. In our work, we combine material development with photonic and optoelectronic device design to come up with new concepts for next generation sensing and energy technologies. To unravel the underlying physical phenomena in these systems, we employ a variety of spatially-resolved transient spectroscopy techniques.  

Our group is located at the Condensed Matter Physics Center (IFIMAC) at the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, where we are setting up a brand new laser and wetlab facility. 

        Latest news

May 2024 - Welcome Upasana! Upasana is joining us from a past research stay at IMDEA Nanociencia and her degree work at the University of Delhi for her PhD at PhoND. 

April 2024 - EnVision launched! We are starting the ERC Consolidator project Envision, which will support our research for the coming 5 years.

February 2024 - Welcome Sven! Sven joins us from the The Hague University of Applied Science for his BSc internship project in Physics

January 2024 - Antonella is joining us from the Sapienza University of Rome for her PhD at PhoND. Welcome Antonella! 

November 2023 - ERC granted! The EnVision project has been awarded with an ERC Consolidator grant. More science coming up!

November 2023 - Welcome Ezra! Ezra joins us from the Rotterdam University of Applied Science for his BSc thesis project in Chemistry. 

September 2023 - We welcome three (!) new BSc thesis students to the group! Fabian Lohmann is joining us from The Hague University of Applied Science and Laura Rojo and Pablo Rivas join us for their TFG at UAM. 

August 2023 - Paper published! Alvaro´s paper on boosting the efficiency of Transient Microscopy is now accepted at Nanoscale. Congratulations Alvaro!

May 2023 - We welcome Jorge Cuadra to the group as a postdoctoral researcher! Jorge will work in close collaboration with the group of Carlos Anton on exciton polaritons in perovskites. 

March 2023 - Paper published! Michel´s paper on inverse photonic design with multimodel device distributions is now accepted at Machine Learning Science and Technology. Congratulations Michel!

Jan 2023 - Congratulations to Alvaro for successfully defending his PhD thesis titled Perovskite nanomaterials: Transport studies and devices. Congratulations Dr. Magdaleno de Benito!

Jan 2023 - Welcome Amalia and Enrique! Amalia and Enrique are starting their PhD projects with us, working on new materials for energy harvesting. 

Oct 2022 - Michel has successfully defended his PhD titled Machine Learning for Probabilistic Design in Nanophotonics. Congratulations Dr. Frising! 

Sep 2022 - Welcome Jesse! Jesse is joining us from The Hague University of Applied Science for an Erasmus project on energy transport

Jun 2022 - Michael has been awarded the Premio Extraordinario of the Nanoscience doctoral program of the UAM. Congratulations Michael! 

Apr 2022 - Welcome Lea! Lea is joining us from The Hague University of Applied Science for an Erasmus project on perovskite printing

Mar 2022 - Eva´s most colorful paper on polarization-based colour tuning of mixed colloidal quantum-dot films is now out in Nanoscale. Congrats Eva

Feb 2022 - Welcome Sorsha! Sorsha is joining us from The Hague University of Applied Science for an Erasmus project on high-throughput microscopy. 

December 2021 - Paper published! Michael´s paper on exciton diffusion in mixed-halide perovskites is now accepted at ACS Energy Letters. Congratulations Michael! 

December 2021 - Paper published! Eva´s work on inverse photonic design of thermal emitters is now out at OSA Continuum. Congrats Eva

Nov 2021 - Welcome Mercy! Mercy is joining us from Imperial College for an Erasmus project on energy transport in nanomaterials. 

Oct 2021 - Congratulations Alvaro for obtaining an UAM travel grant! Alvaro will be spending the coming 2 months in the lab of Raffaella Buonsanti at EPFL. 

July 2021 - Michael successfully defended his PhD thesis entitled "Exciton diffusion in two-dimensional metal-halide perovskites". Congratulations Dr. Seitz! 

June 2021 - We just launched our group´s YouTube channel, check it out for research presentations and other content! Check the link here.

February 2021 - Paper published! Michael´s paper on mapping trap-state landscapes using transient microscopy is now online at Advanced Optical Materials. Congratulations Michael!

November 2020 - Paper published! Alvaro´s paper on interlayer exciton transport is now accepted for publication in Materials Horizons. Congratulations Alvaro!

May 2020 - Paper published! Alex' work on template stripping of perovskite thin films has been published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces. Congrats Alex!

April 2020 - Paper published! Michael's work on exciton diffusion in 2D perovskites has been published in Nature Communications. Congrats Michael!

April 2020 - nanoGE Poster prize. Michael's poster on exciton diffusion in 2D perovskites was awarded best e-poster abstract at the online nanoGEmeetup. Congrats Michael!

April 2020 - Thesis award! Our former visiting undergrad Sanne Walraven was awarded the ‘NNV hbo Jong Talentprijs 2020’ for her work with us! Congrats Sanne!

February 2020 - Paper published! Collaborative paper with the Castellanos lab at CSIC-ICMM on the transfer of layered materials in inert environments accepted in 2D Materials. Congrats first author Patricia!

December 2019 - MRS Poster prize. Alex´ poster on template stripping of perovskite thin films was awarded a best poster award at the MRS Fall in Boston. Congrats Alex!

November 2019 - New funding. Michael's doc.mobility project from the Swiss National Science Foundation got funded and will support him for the coming year for his research stay with Dan Congreve at Harvard. Congratulations Michael!

August 2019 - Paper published! Michael's work on perovskite encapsulation has been accepted for publication in MDPI Nanomaterials. Congrats Michael!

May 2019 - New Funding. Our project with the Tisdale lab has been selected by the Caixa-MIT International Science and Technology Initiative (MISTI) seed fund. Looking forward to this collaboration!

Apr 2019 - New Funding. Our national project has been approved and will support our extraordinary exciton transport studies in the coming 4 years!

Dec 2018 - New paper out! Our latest collaborative work on plasmonic strong coupling with the OMEL team at ETH is out for publication in Nano Letters. Congrats to first author Jan for a great piece of work!

Nov 2018 - PhD Defense. Eva successfully defended her thesis at ETH to receive her Dr.Sc. degree. Congratulations Dr. De Leo!

Nov 2018 - Congrats Michel! Michel was awarded the Prix d'Excellence by the Enovos Foundation for his MSc thesis.

Nov 2018 - Alex joins us at UAM. For the coming period, Alex Hernandez will be switching teams from ETH to UAM to further develop his advanced structuring methods for Perovskite materials.

Sep 2018 - Welcome back Michel! After a short stay with us during spring, Michel Frising is rejoining the group for his PhD after having obtained the prestigious INPhINIT fellowship from the Caixa Foundation.

Aug 2018 - Welcome Sanne! Sanne Walraven is joining the group as an Erasmus student for the coming semester, studying exciton dynamics in low dimensional perovskites.

Jul 2018 - Ramón y Cajal. Ferry's work has been awarded with a Ramón y Cajal. We thank the Spanish Ministry for this important recognition!

Jul 2018 - Welcome Álvaro! Álvaro Magdaleno is joining us for his PhD thesis. He will be working on photonic structuring of nanomaterial assemblies.

Mar 2018 - Welcome Michel! Michel Frising is joining us as a visiting researcher for several months. He will be working on the development of new laser scanning capabilities.

Feb 2018 - Welcome Claudia & Tim! Claudia Valkenier and Tim Lubbers join our group as visiting Erasmus students from The Hague University of Applied Sciences.

Dec 2017 - Another paper! Our collaborative work with members of the OMEL team on quantum dot ring lasers has been accepted for publication in Nano Letters. Congratulations to lead author Boris!

Nov 2017 - Paper published! Eva's work on polarization multiplexing has been accepted for publication in ACS Nano. Congratulations Eva!

Oct 2017 - Welcome Michael! Having obtained the prestigious LaCaixa INPhINIT Fellowship, Michael Seitz is joining as a PhD student @ UAM.

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